Thirty years young! In three decades, we’ve gained plenty of experience to guide us as we head into the future. And the future is where we are now training our focus.

Éduc’alcool, which started it all by instigating a public conversation about drinking, is honoured to salute the achievements Quebecers have made over the years, while keeping our sights on the challenges that still remain.

We embark on this 30th anniversary year with a mixture of pride and humility, fully aware of the scope of our mission to keep the people of Quebec informed, aware and educated when it comes to drinking and their relationship to alcohol. Much progress has been achieved over the years, but Quebec needs Éduc’alcool more than ever in its quest to achieve a happy and healthy balance.

You’ll find more details here about the history of Éduc’alcool, changes in drinking habits in Quebec, the progress we’ve made and the challenges that lie ahead.

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Congratulations and support from political leaders of all stripes

Well-known political figures have made a point of expressing their support for Éduc’alcool, highlighting the important work it has done to promote moderation, balance and accountability across Quebec.

Some have done so on video, others with formal statements in Parliament, and still others by letter. Éduc’alcool has received these praise-filled testimonials with gratitude and sees them as encouragement to pursue its operations.

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Follow-up study


Éduc’alcool is following up on its contest En octobre, on compte ses verres to gauge the medium-term impact. CROP has been hired to measure the effects of counting drinks—a very good habit!—over time.

People who entered the contest were offered the option of participating in a survey regarding their drinking habits and compliance with the recommended limits. More than 5,000 signed up!

The first part of the survey was conducted when people registered; they were given a series of specific questions to answer at the time. They will complete the same questionnaire again in a month, and once more, in six months. All participants are eligible to win a gift certificate worth $1,000 in the restaurant of their choice.

It’s a fine way to have fun being useful, and enjoy the scientific process.


Notoriety and credibility of Éduc’alcool

We are glad to celebrate 30 years of prevention and education of moderate consumption!


Drinking among young people in Quebec: encouraging data


Impaired Driving in Quebec: Significant Progress


Radio ads

To mark Éduc’alcool’s 30th anniversary, a radio campaign is aired on CKBE-FM “The Beat,” with hosts Donna Saker, Nikki Balch and Cat Spencer commenting on Éduc’alcool’s achievements over the years.