This easy-to-use, confidential calculator lets you keep an eye on your blood alcohol content when you’re having drinks with a friend, enjoying a lively (virtual) gathering or spending a boring Sunday alone. While it can’t replace your good judgement, it can help you make better decisions. And now you can save your results at My Éduc’alcool.

Use it and stay safe!

Standard drink server

To drink moderately, you have to be able to count your drinks. Which means you need to know exactly how much “a drink” is. The Standard drink server teaches you to pour just the right amount of each type of alcoholic beverage.

Use it and stay safe!


Alternating alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks helps you stick to the recommended limits and stay hydrated. Alternalcohol presents more than 150 original recipes for mocktails and low-alcohol cocktails, created by well-known mixologists. You’ll find festive, interesting and thirst-quenching options to treat your guests—or yourself!

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The 2-3-4-0 rule

It’s easy to remember, but what does it mean, exactly? Each number represents a daily limit for low-risk drinking. Yes, the numbers are different for men and women, because of their different metabolisms. And to keep drinking from becoming too much of a habit, it’s best not to drink at least one or two days a week.

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