Count your drinks

Who can keep track of how many drinks they’ve had over the course of an evening? It’s challenging, in part because we tend to refill our glasses (or someone else does it for us) before they are even empty, and also because we’re not used to counting. Why should you keep count? So that you’re aware of exactly how much alcohol you’re drinking. Lucky for you, we have some tools that can help.

Why count?


This easy-to-use, confidential calculator lets you keep an eye on your blood alcohol content when you’re having drinks with a friend, enjoying a lively (virtual) gathering or spending a boring Sunday alone. While it can’t replace your good judgement, it can help you make better decisions. And now you can save your results at My Éduc’alcool.

Use it and stay safe!

Standard drink server

To drink moderately, you have to be able to count your drinks. Which means you need to know exactly how much “a drink” is. The Standard drink server teaches you to pour just the right amount of each type of alcoholic beverage.

Use it and stay safe!


Alternating between alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages helps you stick to the recommended drinking limits and stay hydrated. Welcome to the newly updated Alternalcohol! More than 150 original recipes for mocktails and low-alcohol cocktails, created by famous mixologists and organized by theme and ingredient. So many festive and thirst-quenching options to offer your guests—or yourself!

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My Éduc’alcool 

My Éduc’alcohol is the place to keep an eye on your drinking, save your confidential Calcoholator results and access all the information you need. This personal space evolves as you do: the more you use it, the more useful it becomes to you.

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