December 2018, Éduc’alcool’s Christmas gift to the people of Quebec is the social-media game «Le Gros lendemain» (About Last Night).

During the Christmas and New Year’s celebrations—a time for friends, family and fun—Éduc’alcool is offering everyone in Quebec a chance to have even more fun and learn about drinking in moderation all at once, with a game that challenges them to survive a (virtual) social-media nightmare!«The Great Tomorrow» is a lively game that plays on your social-media standing. To start, connect with Facebook and upload your photo or that of a friend. The game then incorporates itself into your online life, sending you messages and generating posts, and even altering your photos so that they look like you’ve either been drinking responsibly or going full-tilt at the bar.

You then resume control of your feed(s) to try to curb the simulated damage to your social-media life. That means untagging yourself from the modified images, responding to comments and questions on those photos from your family, neighbours, friends, and colleagues, «remembering» and sharing some of the things you may have done the night those «photos» were taken, etc.

To score the most points in the game, you not only have to make good choices with your replies, but also react as quickly as possible to all relevant photos and comments.

So while you and your online friends are having fun, everyone gets to learn more about the consequences of over-imbibing—and to see the benefits of making the safer, responsible choice of drinking in moderation.

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