Éduc’alcool launched its traditional Christmas campaign this year with a couple of cute French spoonerisms on postcards distributed free at various locations and on posterettes in bar and restaurant restrooms.

S’embrasser sous le gui (Kissing beneath the mistletoe) becomes Embrasser Guy saoul (Drunkenly kissing Guy) and Elle a appris à cuire la dinde (She learned how to cook the turkey) becomes Elle a pris une cuite, la dinde (She tied one on, silly goose). The campaign ends in January 2011.

The top half of the card shows people enjoying themselves during the holidays; in the lower half, we see how they’ve them spoiled the fun by drinking too much.

Excessive drinking often leads people to cross all kinds of lines. Éduc’alcool drew inspiration from such situations to create the campaign, which is clearly humorous and doesn’t preach. That tone is what makes all Éduc’alcool campaigns so successful: they make people laugh and think at the same time.

As always, the goal of the campaign is to remind all Quebecers of the importance of moderation at this time of year. The cards do double duty as greeting cards, too!

Posterettes can be found in the restrooms of bars and restaurants in Montreal, Quebec City, the Beauce, Rivière-du-Loup, Rimouski, Trois-Rivières, Saguenay, Sherbrooke and the Outaouais. Smaller poster boards also top the free-card display racks at various watering holes, other high-traffic locations, and SAQ outlets in Quebec.

FYI: People buy more alcoholic beverages during December than at any other time of year.