As the fall term gets under way with its parties and pledge drives, Éduc’alcool is launching a major campaign to make young people aware of how alcohol abuse can affect their friendships – a subject they care deeply about, according to discussion groups organized to evaluate different campaign ideas.

Good friends are one of life’s greatest gifts. And there’s no reason you shouldn’t tell your friends how much they mean to you. Except…

…when you drink too much. After one – or a few – too many, you lose your inhibitions and may not know exactly what you’re saying. Or to whom. You’re not thinking clearly anymore and you don’t realize when your behaviour is embarrassing to others. Too much alcohol can turn an honest feeling into a bad joke.

You don’t have to give up fun, and there’s certainly nothing wrong with enjoying a drink. But you do have to know when to stop.

Two new posters are being widely distributed in colleges and universities across Quebec, along with promotional tools and articles for publication in student newspapers. The posters, which play on a couple of expressions commonly used while under the influence – “I really love you, man!” and “You’re my best friend!” – illustrate graphically that excessive drinking and friendship don’t mix, and that the best time to tell someone how much you like them is when you’re clear-headed and sober.