January 2010 – Éduc’alcool is 20 years old. But we’re not patting ourselves on the back or celebrating this milestone ourselves. What we have chosen to do, without denying the persistence of certain problems, is review the achievements of the last two decades and congratulate Quebecers on 20 years of moderation.

We’re running a campaign from January to March 2010, with a focus on the period from January 25 to February 14. The campaign will highlight the following facts:

  • Quebecers are drinking more frequently than other Canadians, but they’re getting drunk less frequently.(1)
  • Among all Canadians, Quebecers are by far the first when it comes to the percentage of drinking occasions occurring under convivial circumstances, while enjoying a meal.(1)
  • Among all Canadians, Quebecers drink the most and abuse alcohol the least. They are first with regard to the percentage of drinkers and last with regard to excessive drinking.(1)
  • Over the last 20 years, the number of fatal road accidents in Quebec caused by impaired driving has fallen by 20%.(2)
  • Over the last 20 years, students in Quebec have been drinking less than those in other provinces and increasingly, they are making more responsible choices.(3)
  • Moderation is always in good taste (La modération a bien meilleur goût) is the best-known slogan in the history of advertising. In addition to being aware of it, an ever-growing number of Quebecers are putting the slogan into practise.(4)
  • Quebecers are enjoying an increasingly healthy relationship with alcohol and are abusing it less and less.(4)

We clearly have reason to be confident and positive, but we’re also realistic. There’s no denying that problems persist and Éduc’alcool is the first to acknowledge this. The 20th anniversary campaign message thus reads: “To you and the hundreds of thousands of other deserving Quebecers – in the hope that one day we can name them all – congratulations on 20 years of moderation.”

The message will appear in a full-page ad in all Quebec dailies on Tuesday, February 2, and be displayed prominently at the portals of all major websites in Quebec. It will also appear on indoor posters January-March.

Quebec’s two main French-language television networks are joining Éduc’alcool in this campaign. Two of Radio-Canada’s most popular hosts, Marie-Soleil Michon and Francis Reddy, will discuss their personal views of how drinking has changed in Quebec over the last 20 years, and promote a contest in which viewers are invited to tell the story of how their relationship with alcohol has improved in the last two decades. The 2 winners will be presented with a $1,000 gift certificate for a fine meal in the restaurant of their choice. This part of the campaign will run from January 25 to February 7.

The TVA network will broadcast news spots highlighting the progress of the last 20 years, in terms of drinking in Quebec. The spots will cover four topics: convivial drinking, awareness and implementation of the Éduc’alcool slogan, Moderation is always in good taste (La modération a bien meilleur goût), student drinking habits – which are the best in Canada, and the improvement in impaired driving statistics. Éduc’alcool will also be the presenting sponsor of a number of televised evenings. This part of the campaign will run February 1-14.

In the English-speaking market, Éduc’alcool is partnering with Virgin Radio in a campaign that associates the music of the 1990s with the progress Quebecers have made since then in terms of their drinking habits. Four spots on the major campaign topics listed above will be aired widely February 1-14.

To all the deserving Quebecers, and in the hope that someday this will include everyone, Éduc’alcool says “Bravo!” and congratulations on 20 years of moderation.

Advertising 20th anniversary


(1) Genacis, 2004-05: Data on the prevalence of consuming 8 drinks or more per occasion.

(2) http://www.ccmta.ca/english/committees/rsrp/strid/pdf/alcohol_crash04_e.PDF

(3) Canadian Campus Survey 2004; http://www.camh.ca/en/research/research_areas/social-epi-research/Documents/CCS_2004_report.pdf, page i

(4) Quebecers and Alcohol 2007 – CROP survey commissioned by Éduc’alcool