Promoting education about balanced, responsible drinking

The Ministry of State for the Economy and Finance established a task force to make recommendations on how the alcoholic beverage industry is organized.

Éduc’alcool was contacted by the task force and presented a brief in which it did not take a particular position on the organization of the industry, per se; it did, however, underline the extent to which Éduc’alcool’s status as an independent, not-for-profit organization, contributed to the longevity of its operations. Because of that status, and the credibility Éduc’alcool has built over the years, doors are opening, collaborative efforts are taking shape, and projects are being launched or expanded in ways that our modest means would never have allowed. The free time and space donated by the media for Éduc’alcool campaigns are merely one remarkable example.

Guided by the adage, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it,” Éduc’alcool stressed to the task force how incredibly important it was that the organization’s existence and stable funding be assured—by whatever means the task force might recommend—so that it might maintain its role and activities.

This plea was not made simply to defend the existence of Éduc’alcool. In fact, the organization is very lightly structured, and it is not a vehicle for the expression of individual interests. Éduc’alcool’s accomplishments and successes are undeniable, but its true value lies in the way it has brought industry competitors to the same table and rallied them around the same idea. These companies have put aside their corporate thinking, industry strategies and marketing goals to pursue their social mission together. That is what must be preserved at all cost.

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