Montreal, December 3rd, 2012 – Eager to ensure that its messages about low-risk drinking are properly understood, Éduc’alcool today launched a wide-reaching campaign explaining exactly what a “standard drink” is. The goal is to get everyone in Quebec to put this information into practice and become accustomed to pouring the appropriate amount when serving common alcoholic beverages.

“Given that the Christmas and New Year holiday season is the time of year when people drink the most, it is extremely important for them to know how much alcohol to serve so that everyone can stay within the low-risk drinking guidelines. When we recommend that women have no more than 2 – and occasionally 3 – drinks a day, and men no more than 3 – and occasionally 4 drinks, people need to know exactly what we mean by ‘one drink.’ Some people pour servings that are actually the equivalent of two standard drinks,” said Éduc’alcool Director General Hubert Sacy.

Teach yourself to pour a standard drink

Éduc’alcool invites all drinkers to practise their home bartending skills by clicking in this link and trying their hand at pouring standard servings of different alcoholic beverages. They will quickly learn what a standard drink looks like for each one, while also understanding how the alcohol content of the product comes into play. For example, a standard serving of wine that is 12% alcohol will not be the same as a standard serving of wine that is 14% alcohol, and it’s important to know the difference.

To bring home the message of this educational campaign, Éduc’alcool is rolling out a host of information and awareness tools, starting today.

A TV campaign has been launched on two networks. On Radio-Canada, the message is being conveyed using an original format (three 5-second spots interspersed with other ads, followed by a 15-second spot) and on TVA, popular sommelière Jessica Harnois serves as spokesperson. A print campaign targets the English-speaking population of Quebec.

An information card is available in all SAQ outlets and a short video can be found at the Éduc’alcool website and Facebook page.

“The season of celebrating begins soon. It’s a happy, festive time to be drinking and we wouldn’t dream of spoiling the party. But what does spoil the party is alcohol abuse, which is why we want to remind everyone that, even over Christmas and New Year’s, moderation is always in good taste,” concluded Hubert Sacy.