Montreal, June 2010. – Once again, Éduc’alcool is using humour to remind Quebecers to avoid abusing alcohol over the summer.

A series of three free postcards, produced in cooperation with the Lifesaving Society, illustrates how drinking too much can lead to situations that are embarrassing, to say the least. Each one is intended to make you smile – and make you think.

Te souviens-tu à qui t’as demandé de te mettre de la crème solaire ? (Remember whom you asked to put sunscreen on your back?) Te souviens-tu à qui t’as promis d’aller en pédalo ? (Remember whom you promised to go pedal-boating with?) Te souviens-tu qui t’as traitée de baleine ? (Remember whom you called a whale?) Of course, each card shows a caricature of the kind of person you wish you’d never met.

A small poster featuring the same visuals and tag lines attracts attention wherever the free cards are available, i.e. at displays in restaurants, cafés, bars, social and cultural organizations, shops, bookstores, video stores and at all SAQ outlets across Quebec.

The point of the campaign is to remind all Quebecers (with a wink and a nudge) that even in summer, moderation is always in good taste.

Éduc’alcool and the Lifesaving Society encourage everyone to pick up the cards and send them to friends and relatives. The message is moderation – and the more the merrier!