On the occasion of Éduc’alcool’s 30th anniversary, the Lieutenant Governor of Québec, the Honourable J. Michel Doyon, Q.C., B.A., LL.L., Ph.D., Ad. E., has awarded the organization the Medal for Exceptional Merit, the highest decoration in his Awards Program, in recognition of Éduc’alcool’s “outstanding achievements in the field of alcohol education and prevention, and the significant contribution of its remarkable programs to well-being in Quebec.”

The Medal for Exceptional Merit was presented to Hubert Sacy, C.M., C.Q., Director General of Éduc’alcool, at a ceremony held in Quebec City. The Lieutenant Governor highlighted Éduc’alcool’s mission to inform Quebecers about alcohol so they may make enlightened decisions about drinking, noting how essential this is for society and remarking that Éduc’alcool is more important than ever to Quebec. “Its expertise is undisputed, and its programs and activities are relevant, measured, sound and legitimate,” he said.

“The organization enjoys its current status because, over the past three decades, it has successfully established itself as the standard, demonstrating its dedication to society as a whole and the individuals who comprise it by helping people, raising awareness, and promoting accountability,” he added.

Hubert Sacy received the Medal with gratitude and humility. With gratitude, because the award recognizes the tremendous effort Éduc’alcool has made in its 30 years.

With humility, because the organization sees this award not as a sign of “mission accomplished,” but rather as encouragement to continue pursuing its goals tirelessly for at least another 30 years.

Hubert Sacy recalled his response when he learned that Éduc’alcool had been awarded the highest honour in the Lieutenant Governor’s Awards Program.

“My first reaction, once the news had registered and the initial excitement had passed, was to say ‘Finally!’ Finally, direct recognition for Éduc’alcool itself, not indirectly via its Director General.”

“The organization’s remarkable progress and success over these last three decades is the result of a team effort,” noted Hubert Sacy, making a point of paying tribute to the Éduc’alcool board chairs who, over the years, have not only provided excellent leadership, but have also represented the dozens of directors and volunteers responsible for turning plans into accomplishments. He also acknowledged Éduc’alcool’s staff, scientific advisors and contributors, as well as its long-term partners, its Scientific Advisory Council and the Ethics Council of the alcoholic beverage industry in Quebec.

“What you are telling us is that Quebec still needs Éduc’alcool,” said Hubert Sacy to the Lieutenant Governor. “We are honoured to have earned this Medal. And we receive it with a commitment to continue earning it every day,” he concluded.