Montreal, August 24, 2016 – Hugo Girard, six-time Canada’s Strongest Man, is throwing his weight behind the Éduc’alcool campaign to promote moderation as Cegep and university students go back to class across Quebec.

For the campaign poster, the man often compared to the legendary Louis Cyr portrays someone not particularly pleased to have been called a “douchebag” by a young person who has clearly had one too many.


“I was thrilled when Éduc’alcool offered me this opportunity to play a role in the campaign, which encourages young people to think about the consequences of drinking too much—something I care about deeply. There’s no doubt that when you’ve downed one too many, you tend to do and say things you regret bitterly afterward. Even though I have to play the ‘bad guy,’ I really hope that young people take the message to heart.”

Hugo Girard

“Hugo Girard is an enormous asset in this campaign. His celebrity and popularity lend tremendous credibility to our message. But even more than that, we admire his awareness of the problems related to excessive drinking, and his commitment to helping us accomplish our mission. Not to mention his wonderful ability to laugh at himself.”

Hubert Sacy, Director General, Éduc’alcool

The campaign is being deployed in all Quebec Cegeps and universities as students head back to class, a time notorious for parties and initiation rites often involving excessive amounts of alcohol.

Comments and complaints about the campaign

Individuals, institutions and groups may comment on or complain about the campaign by communicating directly with Hugo Girard via his Twitter account À vos risques et périls or his Facebook page.

However, anyone with a beef should be advised that Hugo Girard has, among other things, pulled an 80-ton airplane more than 30 metres in 43 seconds.