December 2017 – One year after switching from promoting awareness of the low-risk drinking guidelines to promoting their benefits, Éduc’alcool is launching Phase II of its offensive, building on the success of last year’s campaign.

The results of Phase I are impressive:

  • The campaign reached close to two thirds of all Quebecers. 45% is standard.
  • Viewer appreciation was 7.5/10, higher than the standard 7.
  • Message comprehension was 73%, far higher than the standard 50%.
  • The campaign fully achieved its objectives. Huge progress has been made with regard to each of the benefits of low-risk drinking: from 8% to 20%, depending on the benefit.
  • Éduc’alcool’s brand recognition is now 85%.
  • Recognition of the Éduc’alcool slogan La modération a bien meilleur goût/Moderation is always in good taste exceeds 93% among francophones and is an impressive 86% for the Quebec population as a whole.
  • Éduc’alcool’s credibility has hit 97%.

“There is no doubt that the objectives of our awareness campaign have been achieved. But we still have some work to do in getting drinkers to put what they know into practice. It’s not enough for people to know what the low-risk drinking guidelines are: they have to actually stick to them. One in every four Quebec drinkers exceeds the recommended limits at least once a month. So that is where our focus is now,” says Hubert Sacy, Director General of Éduc’alcool.

Knowing the limits is good. Sticking to them is better.

Éduc’alcool is continuing its efforts to convince Quebec consumers to put their knowledge into practice by focusing on the benefits of sticking to the recommended drinking limits.

Inspired by the testimonials of ordinary Quebecers, but based on rigorous science, this year’s campaign highlights six major benefits: improved sleep, better weight control, the capacity to taste and appreciate better-quality products, and the ability to afford them when you drink less, plus greater patience and more satisfying relationships and intimate relations.

Three other benefits will be highlighted online and via other media: better fitness, improved concentration and the advantage of having more designated driver options.

The cats and fish of last year’s ads have given way this year to a newly sophisticated gorilla and a porcupine couple enjoying the good life once again.

The campaign will be deployed on television, in movie theatres and on the web, with English radio ads, as well. A print campaign designed for regular drinkers is also being launched in publications such as those found at alcoholic beverage trade shows and festivals.

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