2022-2023 Annual Report 

Éduc’alcool oversees several innovative projects, based on the most recent scientific data, to carry out its mission. The organization is focused on helping Quebecers to become aware of their drinking habits and how they impact their lives.  

This 2022-2023 annual report reviews the work accomplished over the past year.  The projects were designed to stimulate the general public’s ideas about their drinking habits while also solidifying the ties between the organization and its stakeholders, namely government authorities, the scientific community, the media, and the health and social services sector. 

Browse the report to learn more about our latest initiatives, including: 

  • the completion of our 2022-2025 strategic plan, which highlights Éduc’alcool’s renewed approach to communicate its messages more effectively;
  • the hugely successful “You Are the Boss” and “Choose Your Party” advertising campaigns;
  • the Science and Industry event which brought together approximately sixty members of the alcohol products industry and scientists. The guests were invited to participate in various activities that enabled them to exchange the very latest scientific knowledge regarding the consumption of alcohol, particularly in Quebec.