Éduc’alcool’s mission is to inform, provide tools and raise awareness among the Quebec population regarding alcohol consumption. It is also focused on influencing collective actions in order to raise public awareness and thus prevent risky drinking behaviours.


Éduc’alcool is the essential point of contact for organizations, decision-makers, and people wishing to promote and adopt responsible behaviours regarding alcohol. The organization has the credibility and agility to mobilize partners in creating educational and impactful campaigns and initiatives that are adapted to specific needs while being respectful of individuals. A pioneer in awareness and education on alcohol consumption, Éduc’alcool remains a reference whose knowledge and expertise are sought out on a regular basis. Its actions have made positive and measurable impacts upon behaviours and alcohol consumption in Quebec. 



Éduc’alcool believes in people’s intelligence and free will. Our role is to raise awareness, educate, and inform without judgement.


Éduc’alcool disseminates straightforward and accessible information.


Éduc’alcool is committed to the wellbeing of individuals and considers the conscious and moderate consumption of alcohol, along with the prevention of abuse, as elements that are favourable to the health of the population.


Éduc’alcool’s stances on behaviours and consumption are based upon analysis from scientific advisors as well as data collected from the population that is then validated by its board of directors.


The objectives of Éduc’alcool are as follows:

  • To inform and raise awareness about alcohol consumption and the risks associated with it
  • To bring awareness to individuals’ relationships with alcohol
  • To equip individuals with tools to move from awareness into action