Responsibly serving alcoholic beverages

Supported by Éduc’alcool, the Institut de tourisme et d’hôtellerie du Québec (ITHQ) provides the Service in Action training for owners and managers of licensed establishments and their employees to inform them about their professional responsibilities and legal liability and help them recognize and deal with patrons who have had too much to drink. This practical training program supports front-line workers with a variety of prevention and intervention strategies. Participants receive a certificate of completion after the training.


Today’s society is less and less tolerant of excessive alcohol use. People feel frustration and deep resentment toward anyone who commits violent acts or causes a fatal accident or injuries due to the abusive intake of alcohol. Increasingly stringent laws have been adopted that can put service staff in difficult situations. Liquor licensees and their staff may be held liable for unfortunate incidents involving patrons who have consumed alcohol to excess in their establishments. They must know their responsibilities for serving alcohol to avoid these incidents and reduce the risk of prosecution and to keep their liquor license from being suspended or revoked.


  • Minimize the risk of lawsuits against liquor licensees and beverage service staff through better knowledge of the laws in force.
  • Help prevent drunk driving and its negative and often dramatic consequences by teaching staff to more accurately recognize the signs of intoxication.
  • Help reduce problems resulting from excessive drinking, including verbal and physical violence, accidents, noise, etc.

Online training

Cost : $45 per person

Students can benefit from a discount by contacting the
ITHQ Hospitality Consulting Centre at: [email protected].

Private groups

The in-class training for private groups is 3.5 hours. For course enrollments, contact the ITHQ hospitality consulting centre: [email protected].