Teens and Drinking: Sooner really isn’t better is a brochure aimed at young people aged 15 to 17 that’s part of a campaign to raise awareness of the effects of early alcohol consumption.

This is not an easy task. Éduc’alcool must try to convince teens to delay drinking as long as possible while taking into account that around the world young people start drinking well before the legal age to buy alcohol.

The publication has a very young style. Without being moralistic, it invites teens to become responsible adults. The brochure explains why it’s important for them to wait until their bodies and brains are well developed before they start drinking. It also encourages them to join the trend of postponing alcohol consumption as long as possible. If they choose to drink, young people are urged to do so in moderation, for the right reasons, and in the company of their parents.

After warning teens against mixing alcohol and energy drinks, Éduc’alcool explains why they should not try to buy alcohol or ask others to buy it for them. The severity of the law is fully justified in this regard. The brochure concludes with an explanation of the effects of drinking.