Young people today get their first exposure to alcohol long before they’re old enough to drink. In fact, in a typical class of 9-year-olds, one in every four has already consumed alcohol. Among 14-year-olds, two thirds have already done so.

Since alcohol can have a big impact on the physical and cognitive development of young people who are still growing, that’s cause for concern.

Research shows that schools are a great place to talk about alcohol and that serious programs designed for the school environment can delay the age at which young people start drinking and help them develop a healthy relationship with alcohol in their later lives.

That’s why Éduc’alcool partnered with schools to develop the “You Be the Judge” program. Do you teach at secondary school or the last cycle of primary school? Take a look at these free, easy-to-use resources. They’re designed to be a perfect fit for your curriculum.

Let’s talk to our children today!

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