LES – Ethics and Religious Culture

Being prepared to handle peer pressure

This learning and evaluation situation is designed to help students understand the different kinds of influence exerted on them and teaches them to take a stand and assert themselves clearly.

Students who are about to enter high school should be aware of how influences affect the decisions they make about how to behave, and the degree to which peer pressure matters to them.

The 10 questions in the section “A game to help you think about influences” represent the reality of Grade 6 students and are designed to foster group discussions. The “Who’s Right?” comic strip helps students think about different kinds of influence and complements the learning and evaluation situation on drinking.

Connection to the Québec Education Program(MESS)

  • Broad Areas of Learning: Health and well-being. Media literacy.
  • Focuses of Development: Awareness of how students’ personal choices affect their health and well-being. Awareness of the role and influence of the media in students’ daily life and in society.
  • Competencies in Ethics: C1 (Reflects on ethical questions) and C3 (Engages in dialogue).
  • Theme: Individuals as members of society.
  • Time required: Three 75-minute periods

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