LES – Ethics and Religious Culture

Autonomy and dependence: the freedom to choose

This learning and evaluation situation is designed to enhance student understanding of the concepts of autonomy and dependence, by discussing the related issues of tension, values and social norms.

In this process, students will be able to observe different situations and analyze the ways in which people and groups demonstrate autonomy and independence. They will also think about the conditions and tensions such situations involve.

Students will think about drinking—specifically about the personal and social issues it raises. They will identify the impacts of awareness campaigns, pinpointing the values and social norms that may explain the behaviour of some people.

Connection to the Québec Education Program (MESS)

  • Broad Areas of Learning: Environmental awareness; consumer rights and responsibilities.
  • Focuses of Development: Responsible use of goods and services; distinction between needs and desires.
  • Competencies in Ethics: C1 (Reflects on ethical questions) and C3 (Engages in dialogue).
  • Theme: Autonomy.
  • Time required: Two or three 75-minute periods

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