LES – Ethics and Religious Culture

Autonomy and dependence: staying in control

The purpose of this learning and evaluation situation is to make students aware that there are different ways to experience autonomy and dependence, and also to recognize the demands of each and the effects they have on individuals and groups.

Students will come to identify factors that could lead to dependent behaviour and a loss of autonomy. Along the way, they will identify situations that can influence some people to behave a certain way and send them down the road to bad influences and dependence.

Finally, working in groups, students will produce a “Did you know?” type of document to help other students their age become more aware of issues related to self-esteem and the influence that a number of factors can have on people’s behaviour, particularly with regard to drinking.

Connection to the Québec Education Program (MESS)

  • Broad Areas of Learning: Health and well-being.
  • Focuses of Development: Awareness of the impact of choices on health and well-being.
  • Competencies in Ethics: C1 (Reflects on ethical questions) and C3 (Engages in dialogue).
  • Theme: Autonomy.
  • Time required: Three or four 75-minute periods

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