LES – Ethics and Religious Culture and English Language Arts

Making decisions

This learning and evaluation situation is designed to help students think clearly when faced with ethical dilemmas in decision-making, and to help them assess the positive and negative impacts of media campaigns.

Throughout this module, students will be asked to examine the concepts of ambivalence, consistency, duality and conflicts of values. They will be asked to participate in a discussion called “Share your opinion” (competency in Ethics) and/or write an essay (competency in English) in which they are required to decide which approach Éduc’alcool should use to encourage responsible drinking behaviour among young people.


Connection to the Québec Education Program (MESS)

  • Broad Areas of Learning: Health and well-being. Media literacy.
  • Focuses of Development: Awareness of the impact of the student’s choices on his/her health and well-being. Understanding of media representations of reality.
  • Competencies in Ethics: C1 (Reflects on ethical questions) and C3 (Engages in dialogue).
  • Competencies in English Language Arts: C1 (Uses language skills to communicate and learn) and C3 (Produces texts for personal and social purposes).
  • Theme: Human ambivalence.
  • Time required: Three or four 75-minute periods

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