LES – Ethics and Religious Culture and English Language Arts

Aligning your actions with social values

This learning and evaluation situation covers two subjects at the same time: Ethics and English Language Arts.

It encourages students to use their critical thinking with regard to the media and to be aware of the influence of media messages on their world view and their everyday environment.

Students will examine the subject of tolerance, considering the concepts of indifference, responsibility and freedom, as they relate to an event near and dear to their hearts: grad night, with the dinner-dance and after-party.

After watching a PowerPoint presentation based on the Éduc’alcool video “Trop chaud pour être hot” (Too hammered to be hot), which takes place at the grad night after-party, students will discuss drinking, peer pressure and influence, their decision process and their values. They will also be asked to create an awareness campaign by coming up with what they believe is the best way to get teens to think about how they make decisions about drinking.

Teachers might consider entering these campaigns in a school-wide contest and submitting them to Éduc’alcool. The best one could actually be produced by Éduc’alcool.

Connection to the Québec Education Program (MESS)

  • Broad Areas of Learning: Health and well-being. Media literacy.
  • Focuses of Development: Awareness of how the student’s choices affect his/her own health and well-being and that of others. Understanding of how the media represent reality. To represent his/her literacy in different media. To construct his/her own view of the world through media. To follow a production process in order to communicate for specific purposes to a specified audience (teens).
  • Competencies in Ethics: C1 (Reflects on ethical questions) and C3 (Engages in dialogue).
  • Competencies in English Language Arts: C1 (Uses language skills to communicate and learn) and C3 (Demonstrates literacy in different media).
  • Theme: Tolerance (responsibility).
  • Time required: Four or five 75-minute periods

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