Service in Action training

With support from Éduc’alcool, the Institut de tourisme et d’hôtellerie du Québec (ITHQ) offers its Service in Action training program to owners and managers of licensed establishments and their employees. Service in Action informs participants about their professional responsibility and legal liability, and helps them recognize and deal with patrons who drink too much. Designed to support front-line workers, this practical training program suggests a variety of prevention and intervention strategies.


  • Program developed and administered by the ITHQ and recognized by Éduc’alcool.
  • Service in Action certificate of completion awarded at the end of the session.
  • Minimizes the risk of lawsuits against the licence holder and beverage service employees by helping them understand relevant legislation.
  • Helps prevent drunk driving and its negative and often dramatic consequences by teaching people to recognize the signs of intoxication more accurately.
  • Helps reduce problems resulting from excessive drinking, including verbal and physical violence, accidents, noise, etc.

Public training sessions are held every year in Montreal and Quebec City, and private in-house sessions for businesses are available on request. Visit the ITHQ website or call 1 800 361-5111, ext. 5115, for upcoming training dates or further information about the program.

Service in Action online

The program is also available online to industry workers across the province. They are free to take the course at the time and place of their choosing, expanding their skill set and boosting their employability. Online learning benefits employers, too, because it keeps costs down and ensures standardized training throughout the industry. Individuals who complete the online course receive the same Service in Action certificate as those who take the conventional classes.

Responsible beverage service programs can’t get off the ground without the support of the people who run licensed establishments. Owners and managers must encourage training and set clear policies. In-person and online workshops provide alternatives to an approach that focuses only on selling as much alcohol as possible; they also make industry workers aware that they have important responsibilities when it comes to serving alcohol.

The ITHQ and Éduc’alcool urge all licensed establishments in Quebec to take advantage of the training program to become better equipped to assume their legal, regulatory and social responsibilities. It will make a big difference in the eyes of customers and employees alike. It’s also a very affordable investment and an effective way to take better care of customers and gain peace of mind.