Use this tool to monitor your blood alcohol content over the course of a period, or to calculate it ahead of time, based on how much alcohol you plan to drink.

Obviously, the data generated have no legal value.

In order to drive legally in Quebec, if you are 22 or older, your blood alcohol content must be lower than 0.08 g / 100 ml. BE VERY CAREFUL in certain situations.* 

Your faculties and ability to drive may also vary, depending on the circumstances and your own personal vulnerability, which you must consider before getting behind the wheel. 

If you want to save the results generated by the Calcoholator, you must first sign into your My Ă‰duc’alcool account.

1 Your sex
Men and women metabolize alcohol differently for biological reasons. Your sex is therefore taken into account when calculating how the alcohol you drink is metabolized. ?
2 Your weight
3 Your drink
What is a standard drink?
4 You want to know your blood alcohol level at

* The legal blood alcohol content is ZERO if you are younger than 22, have a learner’s permit or probationary licence, or are a professional driver carrying passengers (bus, minibus, taxi, etc.). Heavy vehicle drivers must have a blood alcohol content lower than 0.05 g / 100 ml.