Add a little white wine to the Swiss fondue, red to the boeuf bourguignon. Yes or no?

When a little alcohol is added to a recipe, the active component of the alcohol (ethanol) evaporates with sufficient heat or prolonged cooking. There is therefore no risk of intoxicating the children.

The way you drink alcohol isn't just your business...

Children observe adults and treat them as role models. The magic of Christmas is found in the hope and the joy of the moment. It's the perfect time to teach young ones and not-quite-adults to savour the pleasure of listening to each other, slowly unwrapping the presents one at a time, while parents enjoy each sip of a great vintage in moderation.


Christmastime deserves a special drink, which is why we are suggesting the SPICED Peach Punch, and, as a bonus, the beloved classic, the Shirley Temple – it’s so simple to make, children can do it themselves!

Ingredients for the Punch 30ml lime juice
600ml orange juice
115g brown sugar
2.5g cloves
1.25 liters of peach nectar
3 sticks of 7 cm cinnamon

Preparation Combine peach nectar, orange juice and brown sugar in a large saucepan. Add the cinnamon and cloves into a small cloth bag and tie it. Place the bag in a saucepan. Heat slowly, stirring, until sugar is dissolved. Let simmer for 10 minutes. Stir in lime juice. Serve in a hot cup or glass.

Ingredients for the Shirley Temple 30ml grenadine
200ml ginger ale
Ice cubes

Preparation Prepare in a long glass. Pour the ginger ale over the ice cubes, then lightly drizzle with the grenadine syrup. Recommended toppings: lime slice and a cherry.


A holiday toast at the table is used to educate our children about responsible alcohol consumption.

Serve the children's drinks in festive glasses, toast with them to the health and happiness of all, show that you consume alcohol in small quantities, slowly, for the taste. You can also instill caution when it comes to the effects of excessive consumption – it’s never too early to start this conversation.


A glass of alcohol isn’t like a glass of milk. You don’t have to finish it...


Why does Santa Claus only drink milk or hot chocolate? Because he’s driving his sleigh and he wouldn't want to hurt his reindeer or anyone else during takeoffs and landings.

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