Plan ahead for your homecoming.

Make sure to find a good parking spot, your car will be spending the night. Zzzzz.

Downloading the Operation Red Nose app before you go, is a brilliant idea!

Decorative rings, stickers or washable markers: mark your glass so it stands out from the crowd.

You are a member of the organizing committee:

Meet your new best friend… the table!

Arrange tables at various spots throughout the location to allow colleagues to set down their drinks. You drink more, and more quickly, when you always have a glass in your hand.

You’re there to have fun: 

Offer to give a playful demonstration of what a standard glass looks like…

The boss is offering wine and beer? Use this tool to show everyone the right amount to pour according to the alcohol available and the appropriate glass.


Colleagues starting to bob and weave?

Play the *fairy godmother* and serve a round of chilled or sparkling water shooters to everyone!


So simple – even the coffee machine can get in on the fun: Iced coffee.

Ingredients 30g of sugar
1 litre cold milk
60ml hot water
60ml instant coffee

Preparation Mix coffee and sugar until dissolved. Add the milk. Shake well. Use a blender for a really frothy drink. Serve over ice in a coffee cup.


Make the fun last l o n g e r!

Suggest diluting alcoholic cocktails by adding a non-alcoholic drink such as juice, soda or sparkling water to create a refreshing drink that’s lower in alcohol content.


Washing up the glasses with colleagues on the same evening as the party is much more fun than doing it the next morning... with the same colleagues.


Who will remember the night’s best stories? Those who were conscious of their consumption during the evening and behaved like their own bosses.

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