Operation Red Nose

Downloading the app before you go, is a brilliant idea!

You’re the host:

Offer a variety of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages and make sure to serve the non-alcoholic drinks in the same elegant glassware as the alcoholic ones. Glamour is in the details!

Don't wait until midnight to serve food to your guests. Alcohol is absorbed faster when you drink on an empty stomach.

You’re the guest:

Wait until your glass is empty before being served again, this allows you to better keep track of your number of drinks.

+ Alternate drinking a glass of alcohol with a glass of water to prevent dehydration. Are you getting behind the wheel? Use the Calcoholator to track your blood alcohol level during the evening.


No one wins at drinking games...

unless you’re playing with water!


To enjoy the entire party, let yourself be carried away by a Cranberry Cloud

Ingredients 1 egg
30ml lemon juice
Cranberry juice - to taste
30ml simple syrup
Plenty of ice cubes

Preparation In a shaker, vigorously shake the lemon juice, syrup and egg white for a few seconds. To create the foam, make sure not to add ice to the shaker. Chill the glass by filling it to the rim with ice cubes; this will balance out the flavour of the mocktail. Pour the mixture into the bottom of the glass (it should fill it halfway). Pour the cranberry juice slowly over the ice cubes. The foam will rise, the juice remains in the middle, and the mixture stays at the bottom of the glass, creating three layers!


It’s cool to add a little frost!

To frost a glass, first moisten the rim in a saucer containing lemon juice, a syrup or liqueur, then dip it into another saucer containing sugar (white or colored) or salt. Leave to dry before pouring the cocktail into the glass. Your guests will be wow-ed!

Coffee before you go?

Coffee is a stimulant that keeps you awake but doesn’t sober you up. Time is the only thing that sobers you up.


Where are my keys? In the hands of a sober person.

Hover the image with mouse or finger to see the answer...

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