Melissa and Diego are their own bosses.


Thirty-something, happily married, career humming along. Melissa has more than one trick up her sleeve when it comes to preparing healthy meals that her kids love to eat. When her work day is done, she treats herself (automatically?) to a glass of white wine while the kale chips are baking.


Early forties, confirmed bachelor, moderately successful entrepreneur. Diego enjoys fine food and all of life’s little pleasures. While preparing supper, he grabs (without thinking?) one of those microbrews he likes so much.

What does being your own boss mean?

Being the boss doesn’t always mean saying No to a drink. Mostly, it means not drinking every day and, like Melissa and Diego, thinking about drinking.  

As in, deciding whether or not you will have a drink; counting your drinks so you know how much alcohol you’re having; being aware of the reasons why you are drinking at that moment; staying clear-headed in situations where you feel pressure to drink; asking yourself if you really feel the need or desire to drink. 

Is alcohol a stress reliever? A way to help deal with unpleasantness? Or is it something to enjoy that enhances a happy event? Do you drink for the taste or the effect?

You’re the Boss quiz

To help you embark on the very personal process of thinking about your drinking, Éduc’alcool has prepared this little quiz. It illustrates some of the familiar rituals that can become part of our regular routine and define what we hope is a healthy lifestyle.

Individual vulnerability

Alcohol affects everyone differently. 

Genetics, sex (biological differences cause men and women to metabolize alcohol differently), weight, age and even circumstances are important variables that each of us has to take into consideration.  

Find out more about situations in which drinking is ill advised. 

Alternating alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages (water is always good!) is a great way to practice moderation. 

Mocktails are non-alcoholic cocktails that can contain a wide variety of ingredients, such as fruit juices, syrups and aromatics. They are festive, interesting and thirst-quenching options to offer at any party or gathering. But don’t confuse them with “low-alcohol” cocktails, which contain less than 1.1% alcohol by volume.

At Alternalcohol, you’ll find 160 original recipes. The vast majority are alcohol-free, but a few are for low-alcohol beverages. 

you’re the boss.

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